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Cambridge English Languages

Cambridge English Languages GmbH

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Privacy Policy T&C About Us - - The next CELTA Teacher Training Awards course starts on  10th January, 2016. For more information: www.celta.ch Choose us for your Cambridge English examination centre.  Click here to see dates and register for 2015 and 2016 here Become a Cambridge English Languages Preparation centre. Click here for more information and to register

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that the following Computer Based exams have been cancelled by Cambridge UK -
23.01.2016 - CB KET, CB PET, CB BEC P, CB BEC V and TKT
05.02.2016 - CB KET, CB PET
12.02.2016 - CB TKT
13.02.2016 - CB KET for Schools & PET for Schools
27.02.2016 - CB TKT