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Cambridge English Languages Preparation Centre Registration

1. What is a preparation centre?

A preparation centre is any school or institution that prepares and enters candidates for Cambridge English exams through our authorised exam centre.

2. What are the benefits of being a preparation centre?

Being a preparation centre for Cambridge English exams is an easy way of becoming part of the Cambridge English community. As part of this community, preparation centres are entitled to a variety of benefits:

• access to the Preparation Centre Website (

• access to marketing materials, including exam factsheets, that can be sent directly to potential candidates and interested parents

•newsletters directly from Cambridge English Language Assessment which include information on new developments and special offers.

3.What is the Preparation Centre Website?

The Preparation Centre Website is an exclusive space for schools and institutions preparing and entering candidates for Cambridge English exams.

4.What are the benefits of signing up to the Preparation Centre Website?

The website has been designed to help preparation centres in all areas of their work.

Features include:

• the ability to view and download candidates’ exams results, including archived results

• access to marketing materials

• 10% discount on selected support materials for

teachers and candidates.

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